The TREIS in Daoulas (Finistere) MAGNAN, Place de la Gare, Sousse (Tunisia) BELGIUM R.

FAURE (d ° ) Ms. GARMY in Sentenac by Vicdessos (Ariege) DUNAND at Praz-sur-Arly (Haute-Savoie). The TREIS in Daoulas (Finistere) MAGNAN, Place de la Gare, Sousse (Tunisia) BELGIUM R. VAN MEER, dir. School Street Prosperity, Brussels HAVAUX professor 4th degree, Pastures (Hainaut) Wouters, 40, Cedar Avenue, Antwerp SWITZERLAND A. BERBERAT, stand 76 in Biel SPAIN MANUEL J. CLUET, Apartado 961, Madrid Not shown on the list of members ‘branded’ which non-practitioners, however, following the experience and monitor the implementation in experimental classes under their authority: A. Ferriere, who first encouraged him to continue Freinet pedagogical research the spirit that had prompted the initiative.

Fernand Catlier, director of the Ecole Normale de Mirecourt (Vosges). Mr. Bourjade, Professor of Education at the University of Lyon. Mr. Ed. Locard, lecturer of psychology at the Faculty of Lyon We quote some pedagogical appreciation lines of these benevolent authorities had regard to the advantages of the technique of printing at the School. “You can in any case say that the experiment attempted to annex school Mirecourt allowed us to already see the following results: improvement in attention, increased dexterity and manual skill, rapid progress spelling and french, consistent application of active and playful methods, child labor in joy: your idea is, in my opinion, a great idea for transforming some of our methods of education. “Fernand CATTIER Director of the Ecole Normale de Mirecourt (Vosges)” First of all, I see the advantage of actively involving children in education.

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Learning the language, Delachaux 1968 4 Paul Le Bohec, Mathematical free text, Odilon Publishing, 1997 Add comment
By Muriel Coirier on 20/05/15 – 7:27 p.m. In: GD 86 – Vienna Meeting Minutes of meetings Review: We were 10 to meet us at the Improbable Bookstore at Xavier for our last meeting of the year.

Present: Xavier, Jessy, Philippe, Annabelle, Barbara Martine Severine, Muriel P., Christine, Veronica, Muriel C. 1. The year in review: The schedule 17 / 20h seems to suit a lot of participants even though it is not always obvious to those who have family constraints. The few meetings scheduled Saturday were not busy. If the choice is made to keep that day, it will probably ensure that the content is very clearly focused on a particular job.

Printing coming dashed for some. 2. Proposals for next year: We retain the timetable 17h / 20h Wednesday for all meetings (with some exceptions). Possibility to come with his children (nearly all schools make good playgrounds!). Sigue leyendo